Amblyopia Market Information: By Type (Strabismus Amblyopia, Refractive Amblyopia), Diagnosis (Visual Acuity Tests, Photo Screening), Treatment (Eye Patches, Atropine Drops, Glasses, Video Game), End-User (Ophthalmic Clinics) – Global Forecast Till 2023

Market Analysis

Amblyopia is a disorder of the eye which prompts diminished vision in one or both the eyes because of stifled input from the brain. The most well-known reason for amblyopia is a refractive error in one or both the eyes, or it may even happen because of muscle irregularity. The other reason for amblyopia is if a baby is born with the cataract issue, then it could cause the baby to see cloudy pictures. There are four major types of amblyopia, including Refractive Amblyopia, Deprivation Amblyopia, Strabismus Amblyopia, and Reverse Amblyopia. The Global amblyopia market is projected to grow rapidly at a CAGR of 3.80% during the prediction period 2017-2023.

Amblyopia is present in 2% to 3% of the infant population world over. The global Amblyopia market is mainly getting driven by the increasing incidences of ophthalmological disorders like cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other refractive errors. With the growing prevalence of ophthalmological disorders, there is an increasing demand for the proper treatment of the disorder.

Market Segmentation

The global amblyopia market is bifurcated on the basis of its type, treatment, diagnosis, end-user, and geographical analysis. Based on its type, the market is segmented into Refractive Amblyopia, Deprivation Amblyopia, Strabismus Amblyopia, Reverse Amblyopia, and others. On the basis of its diagnosis, the global market is segmented into photo screening, visual acuity tests, Bruckner test, and others. Based on its treatment, the global amblyopia market is segmented into atropine drops, eye patches, video game, glasses, and others. On the basis of its end-user industry, it is divided into ophthalmic clinics, hospitals & pharmacies, and others.

Regional Analysis

Geographically, the global amblyopia market is divided into global regions like Europe, North America, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, LATAM, and Africa.

Major Players

The major industry players in the global amblyopia market are Amblyotech, Inc, Amblyoptica (Holding) Pty Ltd, Good-Lite Co, Cooper Vision, Vivid Vision, Inc., Johnson & Johnson, Carl Zeiss AG, Novartis AG., HOYA Corporation, Fresnel Prism and Lens Co., Krafty Eye Patches, McKesson Corporation, Hilco Vision, and others.

Table of Contents:

1            Report Prologue

2            Introduction

2.1         Market Definition

2.2         Scope of the Study

2.3         Research Objective

2.4         Assumptions & Limitations

2.4.1     Assumptions

2.4.2     Limitations

3            Research Methodology

3.1.1     Primary Research Methodology

3.1.2     Secondary Research Methodology

3.1.3     Market Share Analysis

3.1.4     Market Pricing Approach

4            Market Dynamics

4.1         Introduction

4.2         Drivers

4.2.1     Increasing Prevalence of Ophthalmological Disorders

4.2.2     Favorable Government Funding

4.2.3     Product Advancements

4.3         Restraints

4.3.1     Lack of Awareness

4.3.2     Longer Duration of Treatment

4.4         Opportunity

4.4.1     Entering untapped markets

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4.5         Mega Trend

4.5.1     Technological Trends

4.6         Macroeconomics

5            Market Factor Analysis

5.1         Value Chain Analysis

5.1.1     R&D

5.1.2     Manufacturing

5.1.3     Distribution & Sales

5.1.4     Post-sales Monitoring

5.2         Porter’s Five Forces Model

5.2.1     Bargaining Power of Suppliers

5.2.2     Bargaining Power of Buyers

5.2.3     Threat of New Entrants

5.2.4     Threat of Substitutes

5.2.5     Intensity of Rivalry

5.3         Investment Opportunities

5.4         Pricing Analysis

5.5         Demand & Supply: Gap Analysis

6            Global Amblyopia Market By Type

6.1         Introduction

6.1.1     Strabismus Amblyopia

6.1.2     Refractive Amblyopia

6.1.3     Deprivation Amblyopia

6.1.4     Reverse Amblyopia

7            Global Amblyopia Market By Diagnosis

7.1         Introduction

7.1.1     Visual acuity tests

7.1.2     Photo screening

7.1.3     Bruckner test

8            Global Amblyopia Market By Treatment

8.1         Introduction

8.1.1     Eye Patches

8.1.2     Atropine Drops

8.1.3     Glasses

8.1.4     Video game

9            Global Amblyopia Market By End User

9.1         Introduction

9.1.1     Hospitals & Pharmacies

9.1.2     Ophthalmic Clinics

10          Global Amblyopia Market By Region

10.1       Americas

10.1.1   North America              U.S.              Canada

10.1.2   South America

10.2       Europe

10.2.1   Western Europe              Germany              France              UK              Italy              Spain              Rest of Western Europe

10.2.2   Eastern Europe

10.3       Asia Pacific

10.3.1   Japan

10.3.2   China

10.3.3   India

10.3.4   Australia

10.3.5   Republic of Korea

10.3.6   Rest of Asia Pacific

10.4       Middle East & Africa

10.4.1   Middle East

10.4.2   Africa

11          Company Landscape

11.1       Key Player Analysis, by Product

11.1.1   Patches

11.1.2   Video Games

11.1.3   Glasses

11.2       Key Growth Strategy Analysis

11.3       Recent key developments

12          Company Profile

12.1       Amblyoptica (Holding) Pty Ltd

12.1.1   Company Overview

12.1.2   Financials

12.1.3   Products

12.1.4   Strategy

12.1.5   Key Developments

12.2       Amblyotech, Inc.

12.2.1   Company Overview

12.2.2   Financials

12.2.3   Products

12.2.4   Strategy

12.2.5   Key Developments

12.3       Good-Lite Co

12.3.1   Company Overview

12.3.2   Financials

12.3.3   Products

12.3.4   Strategy

12.3.5   Key Developments

12.4       Vivid Vision, Inc.

12.4.1   Company Overview

12.4.2   Financials

12.4.3   Products

12.4.4   Strategy

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