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DESCRIPTION: Phytonutrients in certain plant foods may block the toxic effects of industrial pollutants like dioxins through the Ah receptor system.

What is this Ah Receptor thing? Please check out the “prequel,” The Broccoli Receptor: Our First Line of Defense (

I report different mechanisms but similar outcomes in Plants vs. Pesticides ( and Eating Green to Prevent Cancer ( So this all suggests a double benefit of eating lower on the food chain, since it would also entail lower exposure to toxic contaminants in the first place (Industrial Pollutants in Vegans,

How Chemically Contaminated Are We? ( Check out the CDC Report on Environmental Chemical Exposure ( Where are dioxins found so we can avoid them in the first place? See Dioxins in the Food Supply (

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12 replies
  1. IResonateWithU
    IResonateWithU says:

    In Arab countries,camel is used for food,milk,urine,and as a work-horse. Its sad, they will eat a young camel and then milk the sad mommy for their own use. This goes back a very long time, this isnt a new habit. Just eat your veggies,folks. Maybe more importantly, eat your fruits too.

  2. Musik Fiend
    Musik Fiend says:

    Thanks doc! I love this guy, great info and I used to get a little weird about the way he talks, but it's just who he is. I'm just happy we all have someone like him that brings such healthy info with wonderful humor! Thumbs up!

  3. Christine Gasser
    Christine Gasser says:

    Actually, when my step daughter wouldn't drink her milk (back in the bad old days) I asked her if she'd prefer Camel milk and poured her a glass from the same carton. It became a ritual, we'd think of a new animal -some very silly like worm milk and she'd happily drink her milk to her brother's disgust. Broccoli became little trees from Oz grown by lilliputians… so, at my house, camel pee would easily replace any drink!

  4. Nothing Original
    Nothing Original says:

    I would be interested to see the relationship herbal cannabis or CBD (ingested/vaped) has on dioxin, relative to the noticeable cancer miracles in children… could you make ? great video, subbing 🙂


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