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DENVER — A local woman flew to Austin, Texas to surprise her dad for Father’s Day. However, her surprise visit was more unique than most.

According to FOX7 Austin, Kristinia Moon says her father, 78-year-old Myles Offer, has macular degeneration. The condition causes the irreversible distortion or loss of vision.

Moon told FOX7 that her father was feeling “down and depressed” due to his condition, so she decided to fly to Texas and lift his spirits.

Moon surprised her dad at his favorite restaurant in Austin, VIA 313 Pizza.

When Moon’s dad, mom and a friend arrived at the restaurant Sunday evening, Moon pretended to be their waitress.

“Hi, so how can I get help you guys?” she said. “Actually, we have a surprise for you guys today. We have pickled pigs feet pizza for you guys is our special, so is that something you would be interested in? Pickled pigs feet pizza?”

She then revealed the surprise.

“Well, what about if your daughter came down from Denver to surprise you?” she asked Offer.

“Oh, that would be cool,” he said.

“It’s me, Dad!” she said.

The two then embraced.

“I’m totally surprised by it,” said Offer.


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