Dr. Joel Wallach, Dr. Ronald Pugh and Dr. Peter Glidden talk about how nutrition and proper supplements can support Healthy eye functionCall me with any questions 573-214-0195 Mike(aka beinki)
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  1. ruth giloy
    ruth giloy says:

    Dr Gilden is not addressing the problem in his statement saying " you will love how you feel" instead of saying "you will love what you see " the lady has mucular degeneration, that's what she want to accomplish

  2. Rene D
    Rene D says:

    I order the treatment that Dr Wallach for the 20 mucular patient he said where cure of mucular degeneratin.
    I order the Antiaging Heltpack and taking also the Tangy Tangerine and Selenium and ultimate vitamins. I am cutting the gluten and transfat food. So I'm about 2 weeks now doing it. He said the mucular degeneration was heal after3 months.
    Right now I am loosing weight because of the gluten free and transfat. But that's not my target, my target is the mucular degeneration on my right eye. Sp I will be here to give you whats happening to me.
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  3. Bernard Watts
    Bernard Watts says:

    Be carefull . I bought the CD that Dr Glidden said to buy, Dr Pugh never said that his 20 patient was heal on that CD, he only said that nutrition is good for the eyes. Its your eye, so either the 3 are lying to us, I try to find an excerpt where  Dr Wallach really said that he completely heals Dr Pugh Patient, but I don't see any. Sometimes they exaggerate something which is not true

  4. CallMeOptimist
    CallMeOptimist says:

    Where are the youtube video's of people who have been improved/cured?  If I were cured you better believe I'd be happy for these doctors to take a video of my testimony.  Show me the cured guys!

  5. Rick Milam
    Rick Milam says:

    I don't believe the story about the ten cured macular degeneration patients.  Either offer proof or shut up.  I have wet MD in both eyes. My mother has it, two aunts, grandfather. I'm curious as to your explanation for why everyone (since it is stated that virtually everyone eats poorly) doesn't have macular degeneration.  Please.

  6. Arne Lidmark
    Arne Lidmark says:

    Dr? Peter Glidden don`t know the difference between The macula and the scotoma. Scotoma is the area in the eye where the optic nerve are attached to the eye. Macula is the place in the eye where the light sensors are most densely packed and you have the sharp sight.
    I don´t trust someone who claim to be a doctor and don´t have that very basic knowledge.

  7. jackaroo1710
    jackaroo1710 says:

    Interesting point made by Arne Lidmark who, apart from not knowing grammar, using "don't" where he should be using "doesn't or does not", also doesn't know that "scotoma" is a condition and not part of the eye. It's got nothing to with there the optic nerve attaches to the eye. The following comment comes from Expedia which clearly speaks of it as a problem or condition caused by other issues within the eye. Causes are probably diet affected as well as being very much an inherited problem to the extent that, 1 in 2 inherit the problem from their forbears if THEY have it. Comment from the article on "Scotoma" on Expedia, "Common CAUSES of scotoma include demyelinating disease such as multiple sclerosis"

  8. Christina Bernat
    Christina Bernat says:

    too bad Pugh mentioned sunlight – this could keep scaring people to stay out of the sun and/or into keeping on slattering stupid and tragic sunscreens on their skins! This is NOT Wallach's message!

  9. Maria Munoz
    Maria Munoz says:

    I have macular degenaration (so does my mom but she is blind now) my one eye is lamost gone or all gone I see blurred, the other eye is still stable I will try these vitamins to see, can't hurt, but I'm not a good eater would like to know what foods are good and what to avoid. thank you

  10. Jane Markley
    Jane Markley says:

    To those who call these men "charlatans," I ask for you to present your medical credentials that allow you to make such a claim. Do you have any knowledge of the human body and what it requires for it to heal itself? I am currently using these products for osteoarthritis, heel spurs, etc., and they have been life changing. The amount of healing that I have experienced from them in a very short time, is short of what I would call "miraculous." These products contain the building blocks that the body needs to heal (vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids). I have also reduced the 10 bad foods in my diet. The effect on my health has been profound. I shake my head at the close mindedness and pervasive ignorance that's out there about nutrition. If it's anything other than mainstream MDs and prescriptions, people are suddenly charlatans? I think it's the medical profession who gets to claim the "charlatan" title by taking patients' money for many of the illnesses that can be cured with proper nutrition, diet changes, exercising and a healthy diet. The pharmaceutical industry is making billions, if not trillions, of dollars a year on prescription drugs that injure and kill people, and yet that's acceptable? But these two men who are passionate about bringing a healthy healing alternative to the masses about proper nutrition, vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc., and they're the charlatans?

  11. Theresa Kamrath
    Theresa Kamrath says:

    my mom reversed hers, but she did many therapies… reflexology, water, air purifiers, plus all the products Dr. Wallach said to take, she also juiced kale, spinach, lost 63 lbs quit all the bread, pasta, gunck..in 3 weeks could see much better, many things changed. More energy, hair loss, insomnia, she loved her new whole body, not just seeing… because all the nutrition will fix all organs, not just the macula. No more back ache, so much. Most people reversing, are elderly and don't know how to do computers, and I don't even know much. FDA cracks down on u tube messages of reversing such disease..

  12. Sophie K
    Sophie K says:

    Macular degeneration is totally reversible, and curable I wonder why so many medical doctors still saying it is irreversible Dr Wallach cured all of those patients with macular degeneration , that's evidence right there. Cure yourself and if your doctor is surprised educate them

  13. Rati Bharucha
    Rati Bharucha says:

    I live in Mumbai, India and I have AMD in both eyes. Please can anybody help me with any medicine or faith healing or anything at all. Please my mobile no. Is 07498941440 and my email id is bratidoss@ yahoo.in.


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