Energetic Vision will host a FREE talk on Macular Degeneration & Acupuncture!

Energetic Vision, a division of Energetic Health Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine will host a FREE talk on how Acupuncture is the Best Option for Macular Degeneration on Thursday, February 22nd at 11AM at our office located at 230 N 1680 E  Suite E2 in St. George.

Come hear how Acupuncture is unlike any other treatment for Macular Degeneration because it “awakens” dormant cells in the macula and heals damaged or “sick” cells.

Listen to Kurt explain how Energetic Vision uses a unique treatment strategy that allows 80% of our patients to see an improvement in their vision.

We also offer a risk free money back guarantee.  If your vision does not improve, you will be refunded your money.

Space is limited, call today to reserve your spot.  435-359-1479

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