In this video you “should” learn that the supposed gene duplication rescue device used by evolutionists is nothing but hot air. Evidence is required for any theory, not speculation. As you will see, they hope, they dream, they imagine, but with so few examples for evidence, they are grasping at straws. It may fool the public, but we expose the lies here on this channel. Enjoy the truth, expose the lies!

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  1. Jungle Jargon
    Jungle Jargon says:

    Evolutionism is just lunacy parroted by science deniers who are object credit giving "naturalists", another term for idolaters giving all the glory to the creature (and matter) rather than the Creator of life (and matter). Power and instruction is always top down, never bottom up. You can't get more from less, you get what you have from the greater potential. It's not complicated. Where are these self proclaimed "scientists" hiding, who always deny what is observed?

  2. Jo Wilson
    Jo Wilson says:

    Thanks SFT. I heard this from Mr archeopteryx last night. He also said that the mutations would act on the duplicate gene and make a new protein. KH didn't respond very well to that although he won the debate hands down imo. God bless you bro

  3. utopiabuster 2017
    utopiabuster 2017 says:

    In my view we can talk about genetic modifications all day and whether or not they are deleterious, degenerative or beneficial. The fact remains that any Darwinian model based on, natural selection operating on "random" mutations", has been a failing hypothesis for some time due to its bottom up view of evolutionary development and its resultant demonstrable explanatory inefficiencies, especially when "origin of life", a paradigm virtually abandoned by evolutionist, is, and should be, considered.
    As I've often offered, the problem isn't with evolutionary development since evolution on the "micro" level is a demonstrable fact accepted by all sides of the debate which does require beneficial mutagenic mechanisms to effect.
    The problem is with "naturalism" and the evolutionist dependency on unguided random processes and principles which when objectively assessed flies in the face of common sense and credulity.
    The demonstrable effects of micro-evolution, or, rather functional adaptations within "kinds" and the restrictiveness of arbitrary scientific mythologies is what affords evolution its precarious credibility.
    Consequently, I believe efforts to discredit naturalistic evolution should focus on a top down approach as exemplified by the Cambrian explosion and apparent design features of biologic systems which are subject to "laws" of chemistry and "physics" down to its smallest structures and system integration creating several metaphysical paradigms.
    Consider the number of complex eye structures observed during the Cambria, many having unique bands of visual acuity without the benefit of a visual cortex.
    Today Mantis Shrimp have the most complex eyes currently known including an unmatched hunting and defense mechanism, and with no known irrefutable evolutionary precursors.

    I bring up the Mantis Shrimp as an illustration of the consistent and persistence of the gaping holes in naturalistic evolution whose only response from evolutionist is basically, "evolution did it" meaning nothing but blind unconscious unguided naturalism and their assumptions.

  4. NephilimFree
    NephilimFree says:

    X Chromosome Gene Duplications Lead to Retardation, by Michael Smith, North American Correspondent, MedPage Today January 25, 2008

    DNA Deletion and Duplication and the Associated Genetic Disorders
    Rearrangements of chromosomes include deletions of DNA sequences and duplications of segments, both of which can encompass thousands to hundreds of thousands of bases. Why do these large rearrangements occur? For one, certain structural features of the genome, also referred to as genome architecture, can render various regions fragile and thus prone to events such as chromosome breakage, which often result in translocations, deletions, and duplications. Often, these alterations happen due to errors during cell division when chromosomes align (Figure 1). Homologous recombination between areas of concentrated repeated sequences frequently creates deletions and duplications. Because they commonly involve more than one gene, the disorders caused by these large deletion and duplication mutations are often severe.

    DNA Deletion and Duplication and the Associated Genetic Disorders

  5. NephilimFree
    NephilimFree says:

    I debated Dr. Dan Larhammar of Uppsala University on the subject of evolution relating to biology and genetics. Dr. Larhammar is a proponent of the 2R Hypothesis which is the belief that the genomes of many organisms experienced duplication events in the distant past. What this means is that a genetic error took place which copied the entire DNA then bound both DNA molecules together to form a single, much larger genome. 2R Hypothesis has been a controversial idea since it was first put forth in the 1970's, even amongst some geneticists who are believers of evolution theory. Some published scientific whitepapers have questioned the validity of 2R Hypothesis since the early 1980's.1

    Like most evolutionist scientists and university professors today, he also believes that the genetic redundancy which exists in the genomes of most plants and animals is a result repeated block duplications over vast ages of time during the process of evolution and provides raw material for evolution by producing new copies of genes that are free to mutate and take on other functions. This assumption is held because there are many redundant genes in the genomes of various creatures, and the evolutionist assumes that genetic similarities between gene families in different species (i.e. human and fly) is evidence that the species are related over time. Block duplication is a known but uncommon genetic error in which sections of DNA are duplicated and joined by mutation during cell duplication, resulting in what is called polyploidy.

    However, polyploidy cannot be the reason for the genetic redundancy in the genomes of creatures. There are many problems associated with these ideas, which evolutionists typically gloss over and ignore, as they do the degenerative effects of mutation in general in order to believe that mutation is the designer of the marvelous genetic material of creatures. While block duplication may occur occasionally in extant organisms, it has negative consequences, and like genetic mutation in general, it is not plausible to believe that a genetic error process which causes many degenerative effects is the result of all of the genetic redundancy known to exist in the genomes of various creatures for the following reasons, and others not listed:

    A. It has been known for many decades that random gene duplication mutation in general is degenerative, contrary to the absurd belief of evolutionists that it is a designer of new information which codes for new viable anatomical features and biological functions.2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

    B. Since block duplication mutation is degenerative to an organism, entire genomic duplication is deadly or highly degenerative.

    C. If block duplication were the explanation for the genetic redundancy and similarity between species, it could only be because numerous block duplication had taken place over vast ages. However, the effect of block duplication is highly degenerative, so it is not plausible that many repeated block duplications could take place to produce viable, healthy genomes which Natural Selection would select as the phenotype of the organism.11,12,13

    D. Block duplication is known to cause a loss of genetic information at the loci where the block is spliced into the genome because genes at the loci are broken. This loss of genetic information caused by block duplication is known to be the cause of disease.11,12,13 Over the vast ages of the evolution theory, this would result in a very high number of genes being lost during block duplication or chromatid recombination.2,11,12,13

    E. Since regulatory sequences may be dozens, hundreds, or thousands of base pairs away from the sequences which they regulate, one would have to believe that contrary to the odds, an almost magical perfection occurred each time a block duplication took place so that all related regulatory sequences were not broken and were duplicated with the sequences which they regulate. Unless one believes this, repeated block duplication would rapidly degenerate the genome.2,14

    F. Believing that block duplication explains the redundant genetic similarities between species requires one to believe that a process which causes genetic disorder is instead a designer of new viable features and functions.2,11,12,13

    G. While duplicated sequences may in the imagination of the evolutionist provide raw material for mutation to transform into new information that codes for new features and function for evolution to occur, the simple truth is that gene duplication causes diseases and malformations, and duplicate genes would only become more potential for increased degenerative random mutation. Repeated instances of block duplication could only continuously increase disease in any given species over time.12,15

    H. It has been shown with many studies that random mutation is degenerating the genomes of all life, moving all species towards extinction.

    Evolutionists refuse to accept scientific knowledge which refutes their theory. Most specifically, they refuse to accept the astonishing volume of consistent and correlating evidence accumulated over many decades that random genetic mutation is degenerative to genomes. Despite the overwhelming body of scientific evidence, evolutionists continue to hold to the long-disproven idea that random mutation and chromosome errors are the producers of raw material which subsequent mutations then transform into new information which codes for all manner of anatomical biological designs and interdependent biological functions. It is a sad sort of state which one can liken to a dying person refusing to let go of the pitcher of poison they have been drinking while medical personnel tussle with them over it, repeating to them, "But it's poison! You must give it up!".

    When will it ever end? Eventually, it must. There will come a time when scientists who are willing to believe that there cannot be a divine cause for man's existence will give up the absurd idea that random genetic mistakes are the most ingenious designers known to exist, and capable of designing technology at the molecular scale which vastly exceeds mankind's abilities. It will be shame and embarrassment that does it. Unfortunately, when this time comes, they will not acknowledge our Creator, Jesus Christ, but will instead point to the heavens, as some are already doing, and tell us that aliens are responsible for the existence of mankind. This will only push the problem away from the earth however, as one must then ask, "Who created the aliens?"

  6. JAW 1991
    JAW 1991 says:

    I’m not sure how to message you individually, so I guess I’ll have to just leave a comment. Would you be interested in having some sort of conversation in the near future? It can be written or over hangouts. I would like to hear you explanation as to why you believe certain things.


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