Ginkgo biloba remains the sole surviving member of its family dating back 250+ million years to the Jurassic period. Native to central China, the tree is now cultivated throughout the world. Ginkgo biloba gained notoriety as a memory stimulant and remains among the top herbal preparations sold in America.

Proponents of Ginkgo biloba urge its use in combating dementia, preserving memory, improving brain function and preventing age related disease of the brain. Some claim Ginkgo biloba may help relieve headaches, ringing in the ears, asthma, macular degeneration, anxiety, depression and more.

While sales of Ginkgo biloba continue to soar, evidence underlying any benefit remains elusive. The largest non-drug industry sponsored study, the Ginkgo Evaluation of Memory, involved more than 3000 elderly but otherwise healthy individuals. Unfortunately after 6 years follow up slightly more of the individuals receiving Ginkgo biloba developed dementia of any type and specifically Alzheimer’s Disease than among those in the placebo group.


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  1. Thomas Dunn
    Thomas Dunn says:

    When I was in my third year of law school, I starting taking gingko biloba. I noticed an amazing improvement in my ability to recall what I studied and a significant increase in my grades. I highly recommend it.

  2. pistol grip
    pistol grip says:

    This is such a thorough explanation I can't tell you how much I enjoy listening to you talk about how much is known about these products. My dad is in dialysis so i've been looking at medical information a ton as a lay person. I'm going to tell all health professionals about your channel when I meet them from now on it's that good. It would take me weeks to learn all the things you explained to me in this video or more.

  3. ​

    Your videos are incredible; I appreciate your level-headed approach. Do you plan on covering more herbal supplements?

    Some interesting ones (apart from Ginkgo and St. John's) would probably be Rhodiola Rosea, Maca, Reishi Mushroom, Tribulus Terrestris, Bacopa Monnieri, Milk Thistle, Pine Bark, Valerian, Kava, CBD, and Chlorella (Vulgaris).

    And is there a way I can donate to your channel? Thanks.


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