Herbal Treatments

Herbs are an integral aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, and they are administered as part of a complete health care regime. Used in conjunction with acupuncture, these natural remedies help the body achieve equilibrium and work to facilitate the healing process.

In TCM, specific herbs are used for specific problems. Much like a Western medical doctor would write a specific prescription for a particular problem, the TCM practitioner recommends herbal remedies. Unlike pharmaceuticals, however, which are relatively new, TCM herbal formulas have been applied for thousands of years. They present a safe and healthy alternative to other medications.

Because masters of traditional Chinese medicine have applied herbs and observed their results for centuries, formulas have been refined, and side effects with these herbal formulations are minimal.

At Energetic Health, we use only the purest formulations of herbs, enzymes and dietary supplements, and any herbal treatment(s) we recommend for you will pertain to your specific health situation.

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