The health benefits of intermittent fasting are many, and very satisfying. You can expect to enjoy many of these benefits when you incorporate I.F. into your life-style.

You fast every night when you are asleep, why not keep your insulin level low-normal for longer by extending that fast? Humans have been fasting for 1000’s of years. It’s hard to call something that ancient unsafe, right?

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26 replies
  1. Donna Hamilton
    Donna Hamilton says:

    I'm all for intermittent fasting, but it sure doesn't boost my performance in the gym. I can barely walk on the treadmill when I've been fasting a long while. Which is kind of inconvenient, because I don't like putting off my gym visit until after I've eaten. But I guess it's worth it for all the other benefits of fasting.

  2. A J
    A J says:

    Wow so glad he mentioned fasting effects on depression and anxiety @ 6:01 minutes. I have been 24 hour fasting once weekly for the last 15 weeks, and I recently noticed that my depression and anxiety has significantly disappeared, just disappeared.

  3. Lee Warren
    Lee Warren says:

    Hello there, I’m from Coventry, England and have been on the Keto Diet since October 2018 and have been doing OMAD for about 2 weeks now. I’ve never felt better. I am down 42lb, and have oodles of energy. My only concern is that my meal usually contains around 1700Kcal with my Macros sitting at around 70/25/5 bit with my job I usually walk around 5 miles a day and do a lot of heavy lifting which in turn apparently burns around 450/500Kcal. Does this mean I need to up my calorific intake or does calories burned not affect your daily total? First time poster and new subscriber. Keep up the great work fella very very informative.

  4. Regina Harris
    Regina Harris says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Berry
    You have changed my life and the fears I had regarding my overall health…
    Please keep making videos so I can stay informed…In just six weeks I’ve learned so much and had gained control over my eating habits without the fear of eating a high fat diet…
    Again thank you for your wisdom and research…
    👍🏽Great Job!

  5. Marcelle Costanza
    Marcelle Costanza says:

    I know this is an older video, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue with IF. I started regular intermittent fasting in February. I drink a few cups of black coffee to get me through until I can eat. I started to suffer from migraine auras not long after starting. I started to log these episodes – which always last almost exactly 20 minutes – and all but one of them occurred on a day I was fasting. I tried cutting the caffeine but it is still happening. Luckily I work for an ophthalmology practice and had one of my docs check me out and he confirmed it is migraine aura and recommended I see a neurologist just to be safe. Ever hear of anyone having this problem? I had not had any migraine aura issues in decades prior to starting IF. It has me a bit spooked.

  6. John Alvarado
    John Alvarado says:

    My name is John Alvarado I been  a diabetic since I was 35 years old and I am now 53 I take 2000 mg of metformin and a injection of trulicity once a week followed by some Glipizide 20 mg and 300 mg of Invokana and 20 mg of Lipitor and 20 mg of  linsopril  I was diagnosed with plaque in my legs so I had no circulation or blood flowing to my toes I was referred to a Cardiologist by my doctor and two weeks ago I had a stem for my right leg they cleaned out the arteries and veins to my leg and now I'm recovering and my left leg is scheduled for surgery in a couple of weeks or a procedure as they call it but what I'm trying to say as I list all of my symptoms and conditions is it too late for me to get on the keto diet I'm already doing it as we riding this letter to you I want to live I want to get healthy I don't have an obese problem I mean I'm not 250 lb or anything like that I'm weighing in at 191 lb 5 foot 4 in tall and I just want to know am I too late on my health maintenance. I've done everything you said so far I've gotten rid of the sugars which I never had any to begin with and some on medication and I know not to eat any sugar but I got rid of cereal the grains and the shortenings in vegetable oils all that cooking oil stuff I just now have my wife Grill chicken pork and steak red mean I mean I eat fish I love shrimp and the vegetables I'll I will love them as well I have no problem adapting your keto diet I just want to see you results I've been battling my way I like to get down to a hundred and sixty 150-lb but I don't know if that is a healthy weight for my age and height and this is why I'm reaching out to you to see yeah to get a second opinion from a doctor that really cares about a person's health and not want to milk my insurance and make money off of my illness and not help me recover like I said I've been battling diabetes since I was 35 years old

  7. Mike Cola
    Mike Cola says:

    Top Ten health benefits of Intermittent Fasting and Time Restricted Eating
    1- Increases insulin sensitivity
    2- Promotes weight loss without counting calories
    3- Lowest triglycerides
    4- Lowers blood pressure
    5- Increases HGH
    6- Reduces inflammation
    7- Up regulates autophagy
    8- Prevents type II diabetes
    9- Reduces cancer risk
    10- Increases longevity

  8. brenda mills
    brenda mills says:

    i fat loaded , then fasted for 18 – 24 hours………….no hunger, no shaking, no nausea, no headache, no fatigue, no weakness, not light headed…….i had to think about eating because i had thawed meat/ food to cook…..down side, i forgot to feed my dogs……THEY REMINDED ME ! ! !

  9. Orvis boy
    Orvis boy says:

    Have been doing intermittent fasting for 5 weeks and am now fasting for 16 hours.Already I've noticed that my trousers are far more comfortable !I am told by my doctor that my blood pressure is high .Is it feasible that intermittent fasting will lower my blood pressure?I really did not want medication if I can possibly avoid it.Any advice would be really appreciated.The videos are great and really informative.

  10. Dan Duprey
    Dan Duprey says:

    I appreciate your videos on this and other subjects. Today marks the second day in a row (and the second time in my life) I have had my morning coffee without any sweetener. Should help me 1) do intermittent fasting; and 2) renounce worldly pleasures.

    CARLOS NINO says:

    exactly a year ago my PCP scared the wits out of me. My A1C was at 17 my cholesterol and triglycerides where through the roof. I was always at A1C of 7 and didn't make any significant dietary changes so this news really scared me. I am extremely happy I came across Dr. Berry. These videos along with heavy research on the NEWCASTLE study and IF methods prompted me to get into intermittent fasting. A year later I have tested A1C of 6 the last two quarters and the more I progress with the fasting my glucometer testing is coming in better. I just test an hour ago at 79. the only dietary change I made is to increase my fat intake ( olive oil, macadamias and GF Butter) and I stop eating after lunch for the day daily now. I am losing weight as a side benefit but my main goal was to lower A!C and I am very satisfied with results. Research fasting, find what works for you and do it. you will not regret it and you will see results. just stick to it.

  12. Lois Bender
    Lois Bender says:

    Is there any need to be concern with losing possible muscle doing keto? My dr who is not to informed about keto could only make one negative remark after seeing my glucose monitored blood sugar levels and tracking of weight loss. It seemed he just had to find at least one thing or he couldn’t be happy.

  13. Geri Peterson
    Geri Peterson says:

    I'm 72, been on keto 1 year, I.F. about 8 months. Lost 25 lbs, and feeling great.
    Cholesterol has always been over 230, refused statins. Just finished Lies My Doctor Told Me ♡♡♡.


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