M 6.3 – North of Ascension Island
2019-10-23 16:08:14 (UTC)1.054°S 13.826°W10.0 km depth



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  1. Richard Gould
    Richard Gould says:

    Earthquakes are not something that should be happening on this earth. And there is only 1 solution for this.

    Nothing that is being discussed here goes to the root of the problem; man has no solution to what is happening, and never has. Jesus told us, but most will never listen. John 14:30 I will not speak with you much more, for the ruler of the world is coming ….. Who this ruler is is revealed in Luke 4:6 Then the Devil said to him: “I will give you all this authority and their glory, because it has been handed over to me, and I give it to whomever I wish.

    What is the only answer? Jesus told us, plainly. It is in John 17:3 & John 14:12. The GREATEST work ever done on this earth is going on right now, and most are completely blind to it. Here are your clues; Psalm 83:18 in the original King James version; John 5:41, 43; John 10:25; John 17:26. It is with reason that the work of John the Apostle produced this Epistle as the last of his works here on this earth before he went to sleep in death, awaiting the coming of his master, Jesus. That has occurred, and now Jesus is again ACTIVE on this earth, but he is not yet visible, which is why you need the clues. When he is once again visible, it will be too late for your awakening. Your choice; continue having faith in men to solve what is going on, or, wake up! If you want to know more, please ask.

  2. Kath Bowring
    Kath Bowring says:

    I know it sounds crazy but a famous prophet, Casey from No. Carolina predicted a huge earthquake in the Caribbean. He spoke of the poor Maya people. This was very disturbing to think about! Can you investigate? Thanks!

  3. Karen Sweet
    Karen Sweet says:

    I live on the east coast and been waiting for one here Mary! I'm in the extreme N central to the west a little bit in the mountains and have felt so many "p" waves and aftershocks from earthquakes in Tenn, Ala, N Carolina and here in Ga. Some were pretty strong. We've had them to be strong enough to crack n bust parts of my foundation! We had one that the epi-center was in Murphy NC and it shook everything in n around my house so bad that it kicked up dirt and we had dust clouds and big cracks that ran across my yard n house. It knocked pics off walls n popped open cabinet doors on the right side of my house! I still have cracks n buldges in my wall. Now I have a big sinkhole on the right side of my house n yard! My foundation has moved forward n out 3 inches and the right front corner of the house sits out from the foundation n not on it! Its a mess! We tried repairing it but gave up bc it still slowly moving! We fill the 18 ft hole in n it still slowly sinks! Lol. I'm waiting to wake up one morning and find myself n bed either on my downhill neighbors porch or maybe in her n hubby's bedroom! Lol. I don't worry about it bc Jesus will come get me before we slide on down to the river!! Lol. Lordy Mary, I can't wait to meet you in the rapture and see Jesus' sweet glorious face! Praise God!! Hahaha. What a day that will be!! God Bless you Mary and your loved ones. Thank you sister for all your hard work and your very honest news! God Bless us all, Amen…🙏❤🙏😀

  4. Gary Shields
    Gary Shields says:

    Here is another Yellowstone under the Carribean by Caracas underwater, and it has an asphalt volcano cone there. The water temperature above it are usually 120°f. There was a quake in that area this month. If it blows, it'll set off all kinds of new quakes. Long Valley is probably directly connected to its stress fracture area. That would set off Andreas then Cascadia then Yellowstone then New Madrid…..💥💨😲👋

  5. echogrl556
    echogrl556 says:

    My kid dreamed last night that there were big earthquakes in different countries happening. The weatherman was standing in front of a map with a big red earthquake circle on it reporting the news. That's all she knows. I see you have another video out today about an earthquake swarm. Not sure what her dream meant yet.

  6. pharmdiesel
    pharmdiesel says:

    There are serious signs in the heavens. This past Friday when I was driving to work, I noticed that the sky was unusually pink (pink skies are common here in Ohio these days as in almost every day). I left before sunrise at about 6:40 A.M. and I had a 1 hour 10-minute drive. I started to see the sun come up, but it was behind the chemtrails in the due south direction. I verified this with the compass on my phone and it was definitely due south. There were heavy chemtrails in the sky, I believe to block out seeing whatever was going on. Then as I was driving, I noticed that everything was being bathed in pink light. I was passing a water tower that is ordinarily white, but it was illuminated pink. The cars in front of me were pink there was pink light everywhere. I looked over to the South again and I saw the sun in a clear section of sky in the southern direction. It was large and it was a dull dusty/rusty orange-red color and it was emitting pink light. I couldn't figure out why the sun was rising in the south until I was driving home and saw the sun setting due West as it should. GUESS WHAT? THE SUN THAT WAS RISING WAS NOT OUR SUN! IT WAS A SUN, BUT NOT THE SUN! THERE IS A SECOND SUN IN OUR SKY AND IT EMITTS PINK LIGHT. THIS IS JUST ONE MORE SIGN THAT WE ARE SOON OUT OF HERE. OCCUPY UNTIL THE END, BUT THE END OF THE AGE IS UPON US! PRAISE GOD IN JESUS NAME! Jesus saves and only Jesus saves! Maranatha!

  7. d renee
    d renee says:

    I noticed a pattern in the earthquakes on the west coast that has become more repetitive recently.It appears as ring starting from the coast in washington,oregon and cali and then loops through nevada,utah,idaho,wyoming and montana.Its becoming more frequent especially past 3 months.

  8. cyromartinsbicudo
    cyromartinsbicudo says:

    Correction: there's no pressure along the east costs of North and South America. The continental and the submarine areas are at the same tectonic plates at their respective areas. At those coastlines, differently of West coastlines, it's impossible to happen relative movements

  9. Lauraly & Jerry FunFishingFarming
    Lauraly & Jerry FunFishingFarming says:

    There's been 3 on the Mississippi River since yesterday. In Utah, one swarm has 15 recent ones; the other swarm has had 13. And, the one in S. Kansas was actually in N. Oklahoma between Ponca City and Cherokee. As for the W. Coast, I'm pretty sure we all know they're going to have one in multiple places, it's just when.

  10. mike talas
    mike talas says:

    I'm truly afraid for those Islanders, the Bible reads that Islands will disappear when the Planet moves to & fro like a Drunker'd!!!
    Dear lord God of all creation, protect those who would be innocent, of the things to come, in your son, our Lord Jesus we pray amen.


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