Macular degeneration in a health professional improves with ozone therapy.


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  1. RobertRowenMD
    RobertRowenMD says:

    There are many researchers around the world now confirming
    the incredible effects of ozone modulating the immune system, reversing vascular disease, and far more. It's a terrific adjunct for most any condition. The bottom line of all disease is OXYGEN deprivation at whatever level. Get oxygen in, get it consumed, and your cells can make energy to heal.

  2. beefree1
    beefree1 says:

    Thank You for this video I have just discovered ozone therapy…and am going blind from stage 3 lyme disease … ozone heals practically everything I am finding… and had no idea it could heal my blindness… very happy news !!!

  3. Stuart Kaufman
    Stuart Kaufman says:

    I have early dry macular degeneration. I also own an air purifier by Living Air that gives off a lot of O3 from ambiant air in the house. I stopped using it because o3 tends to stimulate me too much to sleep at night. Might this type of device be of benefit for my condition?

  4. K Fuller
    K Fuller says:

    BEWARE!..I am curious as to what kind outcomes can patients expect. I am doing IV ozone major autohemotherapy with UV now (7 sessions thus far at $300 a pop). There is an older gentleman that comes all the way from College Station Texas to my same clinic in Dallas. He suffers from macular degeneration as well. He has been coming since March..he started out with IV autohemotherapy and is now doing 10 Pass at $750 a pop…he has NOT gotten any better. He is out of over $15,000 in less than a year. This is my testimonial for all of you. Is this stuff for real or is it a financial windfall for Rowen and others who push this therapy. They NEVER talk about treatment durations for condtions. I am a chemist by training and calculated for my own condition and based on the the cost of $300 a session and retesting every 5 weeks at a rate of decrease of 1.1. With everything remaining the same it would take 77 sessions (6.4 years) and over $21,000 to restore my system to normal. This is not possible for the working person today. This is NOT talked about in these videos. After 20-30 years they should be able to provide the patient with a worse case and best case prognosis based on their own practice and these so called peer reviewed research papers coming put of Cuba, Russia, and other places.

    They DO NOT talk about the cost ($150-600 for the initial consult) and ($150-$400 for the treatments) that the FDA does NOT endorse the therapies at all, so this comes out of your pockets. I have decided to do the insufflations at home now..the equipment is cheap and after 2-3 sessions could have paid for and saved a lot of money. Save your money people and just do the insufflations yourself. Where does this leave the suffering patient? These guys are becoming filthy rich selling the old snake oil to the suffering. Their investment in these therapies is pennies compared to what they are going to extract from your pockets.

    If these therapies were really healing and curing people, there would be blogs, commentaries, a Facebook page etc devoted to this. No amount of media control could stop it. Dr Rowen and others use hand chosen patients to extol the benefits of this. Where are the REAL patients, with testimonials, and where is this documented PROOF of efficacy that he, and the others are touting. The science is great, but buyer BEWARE. Ask these guys real questions. If he, and others want to charge a consultation fee, then you have all the answers you need. Its NOT about curing you, but to enrich their pockets.

  5. Brenda Reed
    Brenda Reed says:

    Hi Dr. Rowan; have you treated or heard of anyone treating someone with stroked optic nerves? If so I think my father would come for treatment. He has about 80% vision loss since 2004 from an accident. If you haven’t treated anyone yet; would you be willing to try? He also has a small spot of macular degeneration.


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