Age Related Macular Degeneration causes permanent vision loss in millions of Americans every year, and millions more in other modern societies. It can be thought of as diabetes of the retina. If you could do something simple and cheap to prevent it, wouldn’t you?

Eating a high-carb, low-fat diet for the last 40 years is most likely the cause of the current macular degeneration epidemic. So, let’s instead eat things that prevent it from ever starting!

No one knows for sure if the damage done by M.D. is truly permanent or not, so it wouldn’t hurt a thing to try and get your loved one who suffers from it to eat like this too…

M.D. Fighting Fish:
M.D. Fighting Nut:

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Ken D Berry, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, having seen over 20,000 patients in his career so far.

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37 replies
  1. Alisa Burr
    Alisa Burr says:

    I’m addicted to learning from you!!! It goes against everything I’ve ever been taught and I believe in it with all my heart!!!! At the age of 46 I’ve been dx with Macular Degeneration with monthly injections also Papillary Carcinoma and Graves, with a TT 1/9/18. I’ve been trying to absorb as much of your teachings as possible and am following Ketogenic way of living for 2 weeks now. Thank you thank you thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Richard F
    Richard F says:

    Olive oil is bad too. Science says so.
    And dairy has been out for a long time … that means butter. Dairy causes cancer an a host of other problems.
    The best part of butter (only from grass-fed cows) is Vitamin K2.
    There are indications that K2 helps with Macular Degeneration, it certainly helps with a lot of other things. And most of us are deficient. K2 helps calcium go where it belongs in the body and not line the arteries.
    Recent research suggests that calcium is part of the Macular Degeneration problem.

  3. Paula Bolton
    Paula Bolton says:

    I have spots on my eyes that the doctor says is cell death and the precursor to MD. Started keto Jan 2018 then cv since August so nearly a year. The last test she did shows the spots haven’t changed but have gotten no more. I guess that is good. She also started me on a supplement. That the main ingredient is sunflower oil and marigold and vitamin E. Not sure if I’m doing myself any good with that one.

    With the new technology it would definitely be easy to create a long term study on diet and MD.

  4. Charles Phillips
    Charles Phillips says:

    I have wet md in my left eye. everyone in my fathers family has had left eye problems including my siblings. I will try some of your suggestions, but, because of the nuke accident in Japan, I wont be eating any ocean products. You mentioned tree nuts, would coconut oil be in that category?

    A NAGESH says:

    The Hindu Indians never ate beef but rather used the mild and butter to cook all foods. In Aryuveda (The vedic medical science) the Cow milk had all necessary nutrients to keep a man healthy. But somewhere in last few decades the doctors started telling people that milk and its products are bad for health. Now recently a theory about the A1 and A2 protein was published and the A2 milk is being sold with premium. Guess what, the A2 Protein milk is predominantly produced by the ethnic Indian cows and the A1 Protein mild is produced by the European Jersey Cow breeds. The A1 Protein is said to be bad for human consumption and may lead to some types of cancers and other deceases. What the human being ate in the middle ages was most healthy and old knowledge may have some edge above the new age knowledge. Spinach, Green Vegetables, Lintel, Nuts, Cow Milk are all foods being eaten for ages and have proven to be most healthy and also prevent all sort of deceases.

  6. Jan Moss
    Jan Moss says:

    Dr. Berry, my husband has very recently been diagnosed with dry MD. He has an appointment with a specialist in 2 weeks. I have been researching diligently since he was diagnosed this week. A specialist recommended a vitamin supplement called Eye Science Macular Health Formula. If I'm not mistaken its his own brand from the hospital where he practices which sends up a red flag to me. What is your opinion if our specialist prescribes this supplement or a similar one?

  7. jan pos
    jan pos says:

    I have wet MD and am trying to clean up my diet. I don't eat fish, because I am concerned with the mercury and also, wonder about the nuclear leak. Should I be concerned? I wonder why my ophthalmologist didn't catch my sooner with all the testing I had for glaucoma. Shouldn't the pictures have showed something?

  8. Sara
    Sara says:

    Now that you've gone more carnivore how do you feel about your earlier recommendation to eat a cup of spinach a day? My grandmother has mac.d. and my eye doctor wants me to take supplements (that he sells of course), I'm 40 years old and transitioning over to a mostly carnivore diet at the moment and no longer eat any vegetables. Not sure what to do for eye health? I do eat a pouch of salmon every week, I can bump this up to 3-4 though.

  9. Tammy Rodriguez
    Tammy Rodriguez says:

    There is an eye vitamin called Eyepromise that has fish oil, Lutein, zeaxanthin, EPA, DHA and more that can actually reverse damage, can prevent problems, check it out and read the reviews. Why doctors don’t tell ppl about these I don’t know. Please check them out

  10. Heidi Romano
    Heidi Romano says:

    Love these videos….A suggestion: When I cleared out my cupboards, instead of throwing away the bad oils, I put them under the sink and use them instead of WD40 and other noxious petroleum products. Wipe the oil on squeaky door hinges, etc. They make great lubricants.

  11. Susan Adkins
    Susan Adkins says:

    I found out in January that I have macular degeneration and was shocked because I thought I was healthy and had little eye problem. I’m on the vitamins dr recommends. I also started keto in January so am hoping that my next eye dr visit it has improved. I just found your channel and am so glad. I have learned so much! Thanks so much!!!

  12. Susan Koch
    Susan Koch says:

    Thank you so much! I just had my annual diabetic deep eye exam. My dad had macular degeneration so I fear. Everything is fine. Told my dr about eating spinach, he got all excited and said that’s right! Our relationship changed! Im70

  13. Jimmie Burns
    Jimmie Burns says:

    Dr. Berry.I have macular degeration in one eye and took the shots in the eyes but i can no longer afford the high cost. I recently suffered a stroke it was a brain bleed i was off of my job for 45 days but i fully recovered with no side effects.Since then i am on a low carb diet and my blood sugar is in the 90s without medications and now my blood pressure is normal now i am beginning to see the squiggly lines in the good eye like i saw before the other eye went bad i am going to try the fatty fish thing and hope this helps i eat tons of salad with plenty of spinach in it already.

  14. Jenn West
    Jenn West says:

    Why do I eat spinach what does it have that I need? Is there another way to get it in? I’ve been keto for several years and have degenerative eyesight for the last year. It’s getting worse. I don’t eat sugar and haven’t for a long time but my blood sugar stays up between 89-110. It won’t go lower. I also had bariatric surgery, lost a tone of weight and stay keto. Still the eyes degrade.


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