I was havin some trouble with my right eye, my vision got all messed up , lines that are straight showed up as wavy on that eye so I decided to have it checked again, I was up there a few months ago and they said they didn’t think much could be done for it because it was “dry” back in my eye, if it was ‘wet” they might be able to do something,, Well this time they took a look and said it was wet now so they gave me a shot in that eye to try to make it better,, I have to have 2 more shots, one in a month and another a month after that,, so I hope it helps,


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  1. Anthony Red Neck Way Of Life
    Anthony Red Neck Way Of Life says:

    Sorry to hear but like my dad use to say when he was steel around he would say boy after you pass 50 keep the duct tape , Baywire and a good walking stick because after 50 on up crap falls apart so don't be in a hurry to get old lol

  2. Chicken Hues
    Chicken Hues says:

    I hope it works, too! I've known a few people that have had it, one being my grandpa. I know the shots have helped with one of them. I'm glad to hear that you've had good experiences with VA hospitals. You deserve it!

  3. buzzsah
    buzzsah says:

    I have a few tiny floaters but with my left eye I can see a straight line Wherever I focus on a straight line I see a curve like a wave in the water and it moves with my focal point. My Doc said it wasn't bad enough to operate on but if it worsens they can/will if I want.

  4. georgiaridgerunner 79
    georgiaridgerunner 79 says:

    Missouri if them doctors can't help you I'd come here to middle ga. And get a second opinion from doctor Jonny gayton he is one of the best eye doctors in the world… Look em up if you want Dr. Gayton teaches other doctors and has developed new techniques…

  5. spinnerbaitalways
    spinnerbaitalways says:

    Hi Mr Mot. I will be praying for you my mom lost most of her sight before she passed it was because of severe blood pressure bursting blood vessels in the back of her eyes and so much scar tissue she couldn’t see I do believe that loosing your sight is about the most devestating sense a person could loose. Agin I be praying for you miss your vids. Todd P.

  6. cutworm59
    cutworm59 says:

    God bless you and speed up your recovery. When I get welder burns I cut a tater in half and hold the cut side over my eye. That helps. Also a cut lemon over a splinter will draw it out enough to remove it.

  7. Cars Trucks And Detours
    Cars Trucks And Detours says:

    Sorry to hear about this! My father had it and they said it was age related as well. He made it to 86 and the macular degeneration never over took his sight to the point that he had any serious trouble seeing what he wanted to. I believe it is slow moving, but I am not sure.

  8. John S.
    John S. says:

    Sorry to hear that, I wish you the best with your treatment.

    My wife's father had MD and had to have the shots before he passed, my wife started to develop it as well at 46 but they only have her on eye vitamins for it at this stage and watch her.

    I myself have to have the eye injections but because I had an Retinal vein occlusion or a eye stroke in my right eye about six to eight months ago. The lines or letters get wavy or crooked horizontally for me due to swelling in the eye returning when the shot stops working the last one worked for six weeks and their hoping for eight this time.


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