The ozone hole above Antarctica, where the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays bust through an otherwise sunscreened stratosphere, has shrunk to its smallest size on record going back to 1982, scientists have found.


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  1. Sherry D.
    Sherry D. says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I doubt that this would be reported on other media that I watch. I guess we will be going through another little ice age like we were told at school in the 70s. Funny how global warming has changed to climate change. Anything to drain people of money and resources. 😵😡😠

  2. Black Swan
    Black Swan says:

    So does anyone know where Ozone come from? Does anyone? I will tell you. Ozone is created by Ultraviolet light, oh yea the same Ultraviolet light that reacts with CFC's The hole has always been there because the sun does not shine directly on the south pole. You even get one at the North pole. The weather pattern is mixing making the hole appear smaller.. The ozone hole on the whole is a scam.

  3. Aine Eithne
    Aine Eithne says:

    This was a surprise! Wow – Follow the data. The story isn't over yet. You said it perfectly, Mary "scientists don't know what's going on". Fascinating story – thank you!

  4. Rhonda Gross
    Rhonda Gross says:

    I agree completely with your comments, Mary. I believe the earth goes through NATURAL changes every so many years. Not caused by man and there is nothing man can do about them!

  5. Razor Ransom
    Razor Ransom says:

    And next ice age, nope it's gonna get toasty in the future, last deluge was water (rainbow, never again), next up fire ( like a straw tested in fire). This is just the start with the volcanoes, and, oh, who has seen the article yesterday on that asteroid headed this way and may hit five days before Christmas?!

  6. Rand Jooe
    Rand Jooe says:

    Another fine example of a news storey you WONT HEAR on the lousey corn nut network (cnn) or any of the other 'fakenewsoutlets'! Demacraps & Libatards control (brainwash) the public airways. Up with the real news; thank you MS Mary!! MAGA/DRAIN the SWAMP.


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