Approximately 18 million Americans are affected by macular degeneration. This movie is one of a series of videos that present and explain the fifteen unique visual problems encounter by patients with age related macular degeneration. These videos are adapted from a sixty minute movie Macular Degeneration: The Path to Understanding and Overcoming produced by the Low Vision Centers of Indiana. The entire series can also be found at


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  1. James Carmichael
    James Carmichael says:

    I have Cone Dystophy and as a result i have a strong sensitivity to light. I heard something in the video about green leaf vegetables. What whats that all about? If i eat these vegetables can it help reduce my photophobia?

  2. Suzannadanna
    Suzannadanna says:

    A good instructional technologist would ensure that the music didn't prevent viewers from hearing the voice over content. While you're trying to educate about vision loss, you are dismissing thos with hearing loss from even being able to view this.


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