Vitamins marketed to prevent progression of age-related macular degeneration or AMD combine Vitamins C and E along with zinc, copper and at times carotene family members lutein and zeaxanthin. Although claims suggest major benefits, the evidence favoring their use seems rather meager. At best they may slightly delay progression in those with moderate to advanced disease. They neither prevent AMD nor do they cure the disease. A low fat diet with generous quantities of fruit, vegetables and nuts along with participation in regular exercise and avoidance of tobacco offer more protection than vitamins.


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  1. Steve 1911
    Steve 1911 says:

    Look up what the 2 special ingredients are, lutein and zeaxawhatever. It’s from plants. Look up what has these things in high quantity, things like spinach and kale. This shit is garbage. Do some research and don’t take everything as gospel. There’s a lot of money to be made keeping us sick.

    Edit: instead of buying this junk, get Garden of Life organic multivitamin. If you’re set on these 2 ingredients, look up what it is and what has lots of it. You’ll absorb more from good clean food.. without fillers and dyes.


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