Rev360 was established in 2006 to provide cloud-based software, called RevolutionEHR, upon which eye doctors could run their entire clinic, optical, and health care business operations.

As a partner in an eye clinic group located in Madison and Middleton, I knew the critical need for accurate and rapid information availability. The vision that my co-founding technology partner brought was to transform the eye care software industry by delivering the first monthly subscription business model while building the software in a way that matched the way that eye doctors and their staff delivered patient care.

Today, Rev360 delivers much more to its RevolutionEHR users than the core clinical and business software. From add-on software solutions that can enhance patient communications via email and text messaging, to capabilities that allow for various images of the eye to be accessed directly within the patient record, Rev360’s suite of software solutions helps the doctor and patient achieve a much more connected, streamlined relationship.

For the vision correction part of the eye care business, Rev360 has developed a unique and transformative ordering engine that allows doctors and opticians to directly connect to product fulfillment systems of companies that provide brand-name eyeglasses and contact lenses to the practice for delivery to the patient.

At a time when patients are empowered as consumers, this technology can shorten the delivery time of these important vision-correcting products. And the hope is soon to put this power of ordering onto the secure patient portal, allowing the eye care patient to interact with the doctor’s practice any time the patient is ready.

Eye care, so well-known for the correction of visual blurriness by the prescribing of eye glasses and contact lenses, is also an important health care service.

Eye doctors provide ongoing health testing for diabetics, ensure proper diagnosis and treatment of diseases like dry eye, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, and assess and care for visual anomalies of children and adults ranging from lazy eye to computer vision syndrome.

The power of Rev360’s innovative approach to putting all of a patient’s information in front of the doctor and staff at one glance, with the necessary tools for patient management and connectivity driven through a single software platform, provides simplicity and ease of use.

I’m humbled today to have 150 employees nationally, with many in Madison and others in surrounding Dane County and further reaches of Wisconsin, working to support the care delivered by eye doctors to their patients. The deep commitment of the Madison tech community to investment in transformative ideas supported my team in its early years.

Rev360 aims to continue its mission to drive successful eye care delivery for years to come.

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