Syria Standoff: No Compromise on Idlib at UN Security Counsel Meeting

We start this evening at the United Nations in New York. There the UN Security Council convened to discuss the looming battle over Syria’s Idlib province. RT America’s Dan Cohen reports. For analysis, RT America’s Scottie Nell Hughes in joined by former Pentagon official, Michael Maloof.

Blue Light From Smartphones Causes Blindness

Scientist have found conclusive evidence that blue light from screens on devices like smartphones and laptops causes blindness. According to research done at the University of Toledo prolonged exposer to short-wavelength light triggers toxic molecules to be generated in the eyes light-sensitive cells, this can lead to macular degeneration which causes blurred vision and blindness. RT’s Trinity Chavez reports.

The Latest: Laquan McDonald Trial

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke has violated a gag order according to an Illinois Judge. Van Dyke, who is charged with murder for shooting Laquan Mcdonald, who is black and was unarmed at the time of his killing has done several media interviews regarding his case. The interviews are a violation of a gag order that was in place, and Van Dyke had $2000 added to his $1.5 million bail. Van Dyke was only required to pay $200 in order to stay out of jail, this as well as the fact that he is the first Chicago officer to be charged with first-degree murder since 1980 has many people saying the system still strongly favors police officers.  RT’s Ashley Banks Reports

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