We’re told Vitamin A is good for our eyes, but if you have a genetic condition like mine it can be detrimental to your eyes.



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  1. Allan Martins
    Allan Martins says:

    Good video man. I have heard about the drug Alk 001 which is being developed in UK, have uou heard something about it? If you want to talk a litle my whatsapp number is +5531997363972 . Cheers 😉

  2. Tyler Manning-Dahan
    Tyler Manning-Dahan says:

    I think you're overdoing it in your fear for foods with vitamin A. Your doctor probably told you to avoid supplements with vitamin A not foods per say. A lot of foods you mentioned have anti-oxidants in them which have been found to be beneficial to retinal diseases like stargadt's. So I think your advice is confusing and is not backed by any serious doctor or research paper.

  3. hardino0311
    hardino0311 says:

    I have 3 children with Stargardt’s disease and I have never heard of this information. Thank you so much for sharing. Is it possible to contact you to better understand the nutritional side or possible new technological breakthroughs?

  4. stacie Carmer
    stacie Carmer says:

    I eat a lot of those things, especially carrots, and my eyesight hasn’t changed for 5 years….. I think it may also depend on the person cuz some people with Stargardt’a have mediocre vision and some have it pretty bad. I went from 80/20 sophomore year of high school to 145/20 with glasses my sophomore year of college, but it’s stabilized. I’ve heard of other with stargardt’s that have worse than that

  5. Shon Don
    Shon Don says:

    You should also avoid certain dairy produts… esp Almond milk , soy milk etc…Also avoid using too much butter.. and stay Way from multi vitamins…I have the same condition..hopefully the future will one day be brighter for us..


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