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  1. chris mcclenahan
    chris mcclenahan says:

    Are you taking all of these together in one shot? Will be interesting to see what happens. I tried those Lapflavonids(not sure on spelling) and they did fuck all hahha. A lot of snake oil in this industry.

  2. Shima
    Shima says:

    Hey @Ryan's Tinnitus , i have tried many different supplements. The one that works for me is: MSM 750 mg. One a day.

    Fish oill : krill. ill stil have to try and i will.

  3. NDB B
    NDB B says:

    Ryan, Turmeric is very good for inflammation and for healing. We use it in indian cooking. It's amazing stuff!!!!!! Ginger is very good too. Very good healing properties.


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