There is little known about the causes of Stargardt Disease or Juvenile Macular Degeneration, however there is some belief that it may stem from a variety of reasons such as environmental, health, and genetics. Watch this video to learn more about this disease and what causes it.

What Causes Stargardt Disease: 0:005
What Causes Juvenile Macular Degeneration: 0:005
What Causes Eye Macular Degeneration: 0:005
What is Stargardt Disease: 0:04
Stargardt Causes: 0:30
Other Risk Factors of Eye Juvenile Macular Degeneration: 0:47
Macular Degeneration Progression: 1:06
Stargardt Disease Progression: 1:06
Stargardt Disease Treatment or Cure: 1:20


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